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Hybrid Adapter / Attenuator



M.F.O.C. Attenuators are qualified for submarine networking system.

M.F.O.C. Singlemode Attenuators are manufactured by Build Out Process to get excellent operational stability and highly automated workstation to have superior repeatability & uniformity.

Patented technology focused on all attenuated fiber & perfect polishing treatment results for nice quality in terms of low ripple , no visible scratch , cracks , chips ,blemishes or pits under 400X DORC , and specialty that RL< -55 for any dB value.

We offer 1~20 dB and standard attenuation values at 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 dB, advantaging economy scale for mass productive supply and custom-made attenuation value meeting your specific requirement , supported by our technical team to obtain the best synergy.Comply with Bellcore GR-910-CORE.


  • Precise attenuation value
  • Excellent reflectance
  • Perfect environmental stability and reliability
  • Flawless end face
  • Dual window (1310nm/1550nm)
  • 1dB increment


  • Telecommunications
  • CATV / LAN
  • FTTH
  • Subscriber loop
Item SM MM
Wavelength 1310nm and 1550nm 850nm and 1310nm
1310nm or 1550nm 850nm or 1310nm
Attenuation Range 0dB ~ 30dB 0dB ~ 30dB
Insertion Loss (0 dB) <0.5dB <0.5dB
Precision < 10dB 0.5dB, 0.75dB 1dB
10dB 5%, 10% 10%
Reflectance SPC 50dB -----
UPC 55dB
Operation Temperature -40XC ~ 75XC -40XC ~ 75XC
Storage Temperature -40XC ~ 85XC -40XC ~ 85XC

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