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 Optical Nickel Sleeve

Nickel Sleeve ¤é„»¤u¼t
Nickel Sleeve manufacturing, located in JAPAN

We are a supplier of Japanese nickel sleeve which is the main part of optical fiber adapters, the advantages of nickel sleeve are as below :
In order to enable cost-reduction measures without sacrificing performance, our company decides to replace copper sleeves (PB Sleeves) and ceramic sleeves (Zirconia Sleeves) with high quality Japanese nickel sleeves from July 1, 2010. The Japanese nickel sleeve is made of nickel alloy which contains 99.5% nickel.

The nickel sleeves,which are researched and developed by Japanese manufacture for high-performance, low-cost optical components, can substitute for the copper sleeves and ceramic sleeves.The Japanese nickel sleeves successfully pass the strict Plug In and Out Test in 2000 times, Salt Spray Test, the safety and environment laws (RoHS), and so on”K. The test series described here shows that the Nickel sleeve's performance offers the same level of insertion loss, withdrawal force, durability, and reliability as the zirconia sleeve. Further, this new Japanese sleeve type is suitable for both single mode and multimode applications. Now, many local famous and big makers start to use nickel sleeves. Because it helps our customers promote the worldwide market, we are glad to announce this material replacement to all of our customers.

Remarks :
1. PB Sleeve can not pass Salt Spray Test & Plug In and Out Test in 2000 times.
2. The chance of Ceramic Sleeve's breakage is 4/10000.
3. The LC Ceramic Sleeve, its chance of breakage may reach as much as or more likely 10/10000. As far as Japanese Nickel Sleeve,the chance of breakage is zero.


LC 6.8mm Nickel Sleeve
LC-SC Conversiobn Nickel Sleeve

SC11.4mm Nickel Sleeve

ST 10.1mm Nickel Sleeve